The Dink Design Story

How it all began..

Being a mother of three daughters, one of whom has Down Syndrome, I'm always looking for ways to get a little bit of "me" back into my life. So, along with all the late night dinners and girls weekends I decided to try my hand at cycling.

My partner is a cyclist so it was relatively easy for me to get involved. But I soon found that I had a problem.

Women's cycling apparel!

The shops were mostly geared towards men and the small range of women's wear that was available, I found to be masculine in design, tight fitting, far too short and even though I'm usually a small/medium, even the larger sized tops didn't fit.

Now this isn't about vanity, it's just that i'm not into having skin tight lycra highlighting my flaws any more than is necessary!! (There is some residual evidence of those 3 daughters!!!)

So,..I decided to fix the problem.

Here is Dink Design's first range of loose fitting, longer, flattering and feminine women's cycling jerseys.

The design was inspired by the artwork on the Mullum Mullum and Melba tunnels on Melbourne’s Eastlink Freeway. That, coupled with my love (and concern) for bees has resulted in this unique honeycomb design. 

Proudly all fabrics, designs and makes are 100% Australian.

So I hope you like this first range but if it's not your bag baby the next range is just stunning and designed by Melbourne based friend and artist, Yvette Harbinson. Stay tuned!!