All About Me...



I am 46 years old (as I write this in 2017) and for the past 28 years I have been either working as a nurse (most recently for Eastern Palliative Care), travelling or working to bring up my 3 awesome daughters. My partner of 17 years (and father to the 3 awesome ones), Richard had been an avid cyclist for most of his life and so recently whilst supporting him at the Alpine Classic Cycling Event in Bright, I decided it might be my turn to have a crack at this fabulous sport. I'm hooked! Such a wonderful way to while away a few hours. But the problem for me was the lack of appropriate cycling gear available to women. Cycling shops were geared for men. There were a few women's tops of course but they were skin tight, "blokey" in design and mostly had short sleeves. I like to exercise with the wind in my pits. 

So here I am embarking on my very first range of longer, looser, lycra-free women's cycling jerseys and I'm really excited. I am super committed to designing and providing the best available products I can and I'd love your input. Please help me with any feedback at all because I really want to comfortably clothe the world of female cyclists. 'Cos let's face it...we're not all cycling to crack a world record. And be patient men and kids because I'll be getting to you next!